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3 Beam 250m Photoelectric Beam Detector

3 Beam 250m Photoelectric Beam Detector


Price: Call
Code: MXA-250RE


รั้วกันขโมย 3 beam Sensor : Photoelectric Beam Sensor :  ระยะทำงาน 250 m
3 beams infrared detector เซนเซอร์รั้วลำแสง แบบ 3 ลำแสง  ทำงานทันที เมื่อเดินตัด 3 ลำแสงพร้อมกัน
ระยะทำงาน 250 m

photoelectric Beam Detector(infrared detector) is  the besy equipment  to  protect  house safe .
LCD voltage display installing easier

---Features  Specification: wireless or wired outdoor infrared beam detector or sensor
---Photoelectric Beam Detector (infrared  detector) introduction
---Disqualification function
Wired  system and BUS  system compatible , holographic spot real--time sport
---LED display voltage
---Unique displaying receiving , transmitting  parts  with big power
---Patented  balanced  checking , unique digital filtering
---Full function checking , self-adaption in environment and trouble locking
---Patented coaxial aspherical highly accurate lens with double focus
---Unique DSP chip , patented  multi-dimensional mistake -corrective code, true detection alarm technology
---Adopts solid relay with long usage , non -contact, low voltage and little power consumption
---Upper and lower optical  mirror adjusting structure simultaneously , faster and more accurate adjustment
---Fully air-proof  structure .Can adjust beams withoout opening outer case

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